1) Why use TGS?

We have a team of experienced staff and debt collectors on full time basis to ensure swift recovery services in collection of bad debts. This objective of efficient recovery of debts could save large sum of monies for the clients.
In order to proceed with collection, we shall require the following:-

2) What documents and procedures did need to be submitted to TGS?

1. A letter of authorization
2. A latest statement of accounts
3. Other supporting documents that deemed to be necessary

3) How do TGS collect/progress on the debts?

All cases submitted to us will be carefully scrutinized. The immediate approach is to trace the present whereabouts of delinquent debtor. In accordance with our collection policy, action will be effected within 24 hours of the referred cases. Our staff will be making field visits to their residence or business premises to trace the delinquent debtors and negotiate for payments.All our staff are trained to do their tasks in very professional way as possible and also to refrain from all physical contact or violence. This is our greatest attribute.

4) When should a claim be submitted to a professional collection agency?

Accounts are delinquent when they have not been paid in accordance with your terms. Early contacts will give you the maximum chance of return. The most productive efforts take place during the period between 30-90 days past due. Beyond 90 days, recovery percentages start dropping dramatically. If an account is delinquent, you are probably not the only creditor demanding payment. Usually the creditor that acts promptly gets paid and those that wait, hoping to save the agency fee, wind up filing a claim in the Bankruptcy Court. Turn over an account to a professional agency once you feel your own reasonable collection efforts are not productive.

5) What documents are required by the collection agency?

Initially, it is only necessary to complete the AGREEMENT and SUBMIT CLAIM forms. Upon receipt we will begin to collect the account. You can at a later time mail or fax us copies of all documentation regarding a claim, including the sales contract, statements, invoices, correspondence, orders, credit reports, credit application, personal guaranty, returned checks, and other information that would help to establish your claim or help us to collect.If a judgment has been obtained against the debtor, provide us with a copy. At a later time, if suit is required, we will need a certified and/or exemplified copy.Once a collection agency starts the collection process, what are the chances of success. The odds of collection are fairly good at an early stage, but drop dramatically with the age of the account. The sooner an account is placed, the greater the likelihood of collection.

6) Can a creditor collect interest on the unpaid claim?

Generally, yes. Any agreed upon rate should be added to the account at the time of submission. If it is necessary to file suit, interest will be part of the legal demand.

7) Can the creditor recover cost of collection?
If suit is filed, you can generally recover filing, attorney fees, service fees and other court costs.

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